I drove to Mexico to get LASIK eye surgery

24 hours after surgery

I slept about 14 hours and when I woke up I was able to see, I noticed that my vision on my right eye was almost perfect but that my left eye it was blurry. I could not read any subtitles or even large fonts. I ate some breakfast and headed over to the doctors for my check up.

My doctor’s father Dr. Enrique Rodriguez was the one doing my post-op check-up, he inspected both my corneas and he found them to be healthy, translucent and recovering. My left eye had some inflammation, we did some reading tests and my left eye was 20/40 while my right eye was 20/20. When using both eyes I could read with mild blurriness, he prescribed some special drops to deal with the inflammation and some lubricant tears. He also said I would need to come in 7 days to have a second check up on the progress of my inflammation and that it is possible it will subside by then (his prescription is for 7 days anyway).

48 hours post-op and I’m home

So far my left eye blurriness continues to be there while my right eye seems to be perfect. I have been able to watch TV, drive my car and resume life as normal. I’m still trying to relax as much as possible as I wait for my upcoming appointment to check on the inflammation. I did some research online and inflammation post LASIK is common, it can subside in a few days or weeks. Hopefully by my next appointment it will be gone, but at least my vision (using both eyes) is at least the same as it was before the surgery. Hoping that my left eye becomes as good as my right eye as I recover from LASIK, the reality is that final results can take a few months so expect another update.

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