3 week post-LASIK update

If you are following my LASIK journey, where I drove to Mexico to get it done. This is my 3 week post-op update.

I’ll keep it brief and summarize my experience over the past 3 weeks. If you read my initial post you know that I had moderate Hyperopia (farsightedness) plus astigmatism that I wanted to get corrected.

First week post-op (Day 1-7)

The first week was sorta of an interesting roller-coaster ride. The first day post-op I woke up and I could see very clearly on my right eye but my left was still hazy. At the doctor’s office my vision was 20/20 on my right but 20/40 on my left. The doctor said I had inflammation and to come back a week later to make sure it comes down.

During days 2-4 my left eye did not really improve and I was starting to get worried my left eye would be screwed for life. I was using all the drops prescribed by the doctor (steroid drops, plus lubricating drops) on both my eyes and while my right eye was perfect the quality of vision on my left eye during this period was far worse than before the procedure.

Day 5 was an interesting day, each day after the surgery so far my eyes would be extremely dry in the morning and vision on my right eye would not clear up until later in the day. However, the fifth day was different for my left eye although in the morning the quality of vision sucked somehow around 3PM both my eyes seemed to have found “zen” if you will – never seen clearer on both my eyes. While covering my right (20/20 eye) I noticed that words were not as blurry as before and I could actually read better than before… so this made be take a breather, maybe the doctor was right, patience and the vision will stabilize overtime.

For days 6-7, vision fluctuated during the day for both eyes but it wasn’t as clear as day 5th above for some reason.

Second and third week post-op (Day 8-21)

At my one-week appointment (Day 8), the doctor said my left eye inflammation was coming down to just keep applying lubricating drops but stop using steroid drops. That expect my vision to continue to fluctuate and that final results are coming soon, he wants to see me again around week 6 post-op.

My vision has definitely gotten better the more time goes by, the random period of times during the day where I feel like my vision is extremely clear are happening more often. It is true that every morning I have woken up my eyes are extremely dry and that my vision in the morning is not the best, if I have one of those extremely shitty days where morning vision totally sucks and can barely look at the computer screen I try to stay away for an hour or two until it stabilizes which it usually does…. I can still read emails if I really want to.

Night vision is fine if you don’t mind glare from the cars, this is an expected thing with LASIK and most report the glare going away around month 3 to 6, so time will tell. I really don’t have halos but that may be thanks to the Excimer laser I decided to use (AMARIS 1050RS).

I’ll provide another update when I get some time or if something shocking happens. Really don’t miss my glasses when working and those moments in the day where my vision in both my eyes feel extremely sharp is encouraging.

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