How to: Samsung Odyssey G9 firmware update

After a few hours of struggling to get my Samsung G9 monitor to “find update files” in order to flash a newer firmware I decided to make a post listing everything that you need to do ‘end-to-end’ to get a new firmware flashed on this device.

Note: this guide is for Windows, you may use it for getting an idea of what the requirements are for a successful firmware but don’t expect a guide for any other OS to be made. If you find this guide saving you time and hassle you can thank me here.

Prepare your USB stick

You will need to property format and partition your USB in order for the monitor to detect the files. Let’s wipe all the data in a USB stick below.

  • Open a Command Window (cmd)
  • Enter diskpart
  • Enter list disk (it is important you KNOW which disk is the USB key you are formatting)
  • Enter select disk x where x is your USB key
  • Enter clean
  • Enter convert MBR
  • Enter create part primary
  • Enter select part 1
  • Enter active
  • Enter format fs=fat32 label=”firmware” (Label is optional – ensures USB key is labelled as ”firmware” in Explorer etc)

Download firmware and copy to USB

Visit support page for the G9 monitor, grab the .zip file containing the update. It should look like something like “M-T9549GGAA-1016.0[1109]” (1016.0 is the current version as of this posting).

  1. Download .zip file from samsung.
  2. Unpack .zip
  3. Grab the single file “M-T9549GGAA-1016.0[1109]” and put it on the USB stick on the parent (never put inside a folder inside usb stick).
  4. Connect USB to back of monitor; ensure all other USB plugs are unplugged and only the USB stick is connected.
  5. Turn on monitor (if not already on), go to MENU > Support > Software Update and hit enter.
  6. Monitor should detect the update file/usb stick and apply the newest firmware.

Validate a successful update

Before and after a firmware update do these steps to check your firmware version on the monitor.

  1. Turn on monitor (if not already on).
  2. Go to MENU > Support > Information
  3. Your Model, Serial Number, Software version is displayed. Take note of it.

If says your current version is equal or higher than their download then your firmware does not need to be updated.

Important notes (read this!)

  • DO NOT RENAME the .img files after unzipping. Just copy them to USB as it is named.
  • SAMSUNG ARE IDIOTS. Upgrading a very old firmware to latest version may not be detected as an update; regardless of the proper naming and format in the USB stick. If you face errors of ‘no update files detected’ then find the next firmware release after your current running firmware. I was forced to upgrade from 1008 firmware to M-T9549GGAA-1012.1[984C].img before I was able to flash the latest version downloaded from samsung’s website.

If this guide / tips / how-to saved you time consider thanking me here.

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