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Apple iPhone 4S Cellular Network comparison AT&T 3G vs Sprint 3G (video)

Last week Apple released the newest iPhone 4S in the United States for all three major wireless carriers: AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

As an iPhone user I wanted to compare the wireless networks of AT&T, my current carrier since the release of the iPhone 3GS in 2009, and Sprint the defacto Unlimited data wireless carrier since all data plans from the other major carriers carry a data-cap.

This is the first time that Sprint carries Apple’s flagship phone and despite the amaizing features of the phone, as you can see in the video, the wireless network of Sprint falls short of expectations for a proper iPhone experience to support YouTube streaming, data downloading, etc.

Further the video shows AT&T constantly offering amazing speeds (probably thanks to HDSPA+ wireless data technology only available for AT&T iPhones) in comparison to Sprint’s poor network performance during ping, download and web browsing tests.

For the time being AT&T will keep me as a customer, thanks to their superior data speeds and thanks to fact that AT&T is the only carrier to support web-browsing while on a call. If Sprint enhances their network to offer at least 100 KB/s (1MB steady downstream) they may become the defacto winner for new and current iPhone users looking to save some money (I could save $15+ a month by switching to Sprint). However due to their poor network performance I decided to stick with AT&T. I would love to hear about your experiences with the Sprint iPhone 4S on their network.

Swedish House Mafia + Ultra Music Festival Miami video mashup

Some of my favorite DJ’s were in Miami this past week. Sadly I was unable to make it to Miami, but here is a video mashup of their sets for both Swedish House Mafia Masquerade Motel 2011 and Ultra Music Festival, both events occurred on the same weekend!

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Bored on a rainy day! Singing Wonderwall by Oasis

Went to visit my buddy Steve and we ended up singing, good times!

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707 views to the video!

I am thankful to everyone who has supported/commented, rated my video.

To date we have gotten 707 views!!!! yay! It’s been a journey, even if I don’t get picked I appreciate all your support!


Final submission… a reality!

Hi guys

I was finally able to get the video upped after waiting 45 minutes lol. Anyway, here’s the link!

Thanks for all your support

After 6 hours, and some flu medicine…

We are encoding right now!

Another busy day at school… but Youtube account created

Hi guys,

It’s 11:59pm here and I was just able to register the Youtube account that I will use to for my contest entry.

FordFiesta2011 is the Youtube channel.

I am planning on doing a few test runs, as I have never ever uploaded a video not mention edit/encode it for the web. So I will keep you updated!!

On other news my phone got stolen yesterday and tomorrow I will have a busy day getting a replacement and running errands. I will try to do some testing over the weekend, as well as some more scenes for the final video that I will send to Ford as my entry for the contest.

PS: 12 hours of school in a single day is overkill 🙁