Kogi Taco Truck in Los Angeles/Orange my quick review!

Los Angeles and Orange County is a beautiful city filled with different kinds of people from all over the world. However, whats undeniable about California is the Mexican influence and the broad availability of cheap Mexican food all over the state.

It is not a surprise to find taco trucks in almost every corner at night while driving around Los Angeles, it is part of the culture and people love Mexican food. I have to admit that as much as I love Mexican food myself, this little company called Kogi BBQ has definitely taken over my list as #1 Mexican Taco Truck.

Interestingly enough, the company provides a fusion of Korean BBQ and Mexican food, burritos and tacos with the Asian spices and vegetables. It is simply the most delicious tacos you will ever have in Los Angeles and its a must try!

The company Kogi BBQ was started by a California State University Fullerton alumnus Mark Manguera, the same university I attend. It is amazing how a small company that barely started with a single truck in Hollywood, CA ended up growing so fast to operating four trucks to date.

It’s success can probably be attributed to its delicious food, but most likely what fueled the rapid growth was the broad use of Twitter and Youtube to promote the locations of their trucks so that their loyal customers could find them in different parts of the city. In closing, you need to go try out checkout Kogi BBQ trucks all over LA by following @KogiBBQ on Twitter!

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