Configure Webstorm to use Github Desktop for Windows git-bash

If you have installed Github Desktop on Windows, you may have noticed that the application itself comes with a “Git Shell” which is basically a linux terminal emulator running on windows and its very useful for developers or linux users that are familiar with bash.

The problem I recently encountered was trying to find the executable PATH of the git-bash.exe so that I can configure my Webstorm IDE to use it. All the documentation on the internet seems to point to C:/Program Files/Git folder but Github may have changed this as in the latest release I downloaded (v the files reside elsewhere and I will share where to find them.

To find your git-bash.exe path try the following:

  1. Open File Explorer and put %AppData% in the address bar, hit enter.
  2. It should redirect to something like:  C:\Users\Giovanni\AppData\Roaming
  3. Now change folders from Roaming to Local
  4. You should now be at: C:\Users\Giovanni\AppData\Local 
  5. Find the Github folder, enter it.
  6. You should see a list of files and folders, we care about “PortableGit” it has a longer name that just PortableGit, so enter it.
  7. You will see git-bash.exe in there.
  8. Go back into Webstorm > Settings > Terminal
  9. Set your terminal to this new path, in my case: “C:\Users\Giovanni\AppData\Local\GitHub\PortableGit_d7effa1a4a322478cd29c826b52a0c118ad3db11\git-bash.exe”

You’re all set! Webstorm should now be able to launch Github Desktop’s git-bash.exe as the terminal, no additional software required.

There is a gotcha: the terminal window will open separate from Webstorm window, if you want a tab under your code then I suggest to download and install git for windows in addition to Github Desktop.

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