Monthly Archives: February 2011

Bored on a rainy day! Singing Wonderwall by Oasis

Went to visit my buddy Steve and we ended up singing, good times!

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Working on my Website… a miracle!

It’s been raining for the past couple of weekends, and this past friday night was yet another one of those days where its pouring out which means all my plans for the night were pretty much canned.

I decided it was time to invest my time into working on my website again and get it back up and running, so over the next couple of weeks I hope to get the website setup. This weekend I migrated all my old blog data, setup a theme and installed the content management system for this site.  I hope to be able to finish quickly!

I removed my restriction on search engines from crawling my site. It should now start appearing on Google, Bing and Yahoo pretty soon, or so I hope. When the time is right and the site is done I will post a link on facebook 🙂


This is why Tiesto is one of the best DJ’s…

Just released! Definitely one of my favorite tracks right now 😀