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Procrastination… really that bad?

I leave you guys with the following screenshot of the Ford Fiesta Movement’s website after submitting my application. Clearly I came pretty close to miss the deadline =0


Final submission… a reality!

Hi guys

I was finally able to get the video upped after waiting 45 minutes lol. Anyway, here’s the link!

Thanks for all your support

Migrated to website

Hi guys,

I just migrated this blog from wordpress to my own website under the

Address. It does look pretty rough right now but I will try to setup the graphics as soon as I get a chance. It’s 10:40pm on Sunday, and tomorrow there’s school for me 🙁

Back to work!

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am working on the editing right now.

I just checked the first clip I recorded (the intro) and that it was using old settings on the camera so it does not look good. So I am going to have to retake it now and then continue editing.

After 6 hours, and some flu medicine…

We are encoding right now!

Midterms week

Hi guys,

Wanted to give you a quick update on what’s been going on with the video. I have finals this week at school and have been unable to get the recordings finished. Not to mention the editing (what’s there to edit w/o the video right?)

Anyhow, I am still alive. The deadline for the contest entry is this weekend so I will have to work extra hard and get it done before then. Catch ya later!

Sunday… 3:21am first test video

Hi guys, I have been busy setting up the video and I finally found some free time last night to work on the editing and encoding.

I was able to upload it to youtube just now. I am unsure if I will be able to make more tests before I publish the official contest entry. All of this because my midterms are starting next week 🙁

The camera settings where SP (instead of LP) – 16:9 wide and the encoding was WMV 1024kbps

It’s 1:43am and I am posting this…

Wow, I have to wake up at 7am. Heh.

Anyway, I took a sample video around 12:47am and I was just playing with hotoshop to see if I can make a logo “G man productions” to put at the bottom left or something of the video, kinda like CNN.

Anyhow, its too late now for me to post the video. But I will let you guys see my work in photoshop. I never done this either and I am not a webdesigner, I just put some quick 25 minutes into it thats what came out, I am tired and stressed from the day before. So go figure.

Gman productions in photoshopGman productions in photoshop

Another busy day at school… but Youtube account created

Hi guys,

It’s 11:59pm here and I was just able to register the Youtube account that I will use to for my contest entry.

FordFiesta2011 is the Youtube channel.

I am planning on doing a few test runs, as I have never ever uploaded a video not mention edit/encode it for the web. So I will keep you updated!!

On other news my phone got stolen yesterday and tomorrow I will have a busy day getting a replacement and running errands. I will try to do some testing over the weekend, as well as some more scenes for the final video that I will send to Ford as my entry for the contest.

PS: 12 hours of school in a single day is overkill 🙁


This is my first post on this blog. I created it with the ideal of following the progress of my application into the Ford Fiesta Movement contest.

For those not aware, the Ford Fiesta Movement is a contest by Ford Motor Co. where they give the first 100 units of the 2011 Ford Fiesta to 100 lucky winners in exchange for them to keep a video log of their experiences with the vehicle.

I hope that my content is good enough to make the cut, as I have never ever before recorded or edited a video. This is soo exciting!